Online Slot Machine Secrets

Secret #1 - Play with coins rather than credits : Although it may be more efficient to play with credits, keeping track of your money becomes a little more difficult. This is because once the credits are bought most people consider it as money already spent. Being in such state of mind, you will be playing at a fairly fast pace and before you know it, you're out of credits. Sitting at a slot machine with a bucket full of change, on the other hand, lets you see exactly how much you have left to spend - in coins. Using coins to play the slots may seem tedious and slow, but slow isn't necessarily bad when it comes to playing at the casino. Even if you do lose all of it, at least you extended your play at the slot machine. 
Secret #2 - Not all machines are created equal : This is probably one of the easiest slot machine secrets to conceal because all machines look so much alike. The fact that they are programmed allows for an invisible difference to exist, as everything is dependent on the little microchip that's hidden inside the machine and invisible to slot players. One way to make sure you get one of the better machines is to compare the payout tables, which range from as little as 80% to as high as 99% (sometimes even a little higher if a casino is doing a special promotion). 
Secret #3 - Slots with 3 reels is the best there is : You may see slots with four or more reels at the casino but don't even think of sitting down at one. I mean it! If you think that getting a winning combination with three wheels is tough, how easy do you think it would be at a slot machine with five reels? Although slots with four or more reels may look more attractive to slots players (they're the newer and better technology), they certainly don't have the more attractive payout. 
Secret #4 - Keep and eye out for 'loose' and 'tight' slots : You may have heard two stories but the truth is that they do exist and it's all done based on a carefully planned strategy. By loosening some and tightening others, the casinos are able to keep their high house edge but are able to invite more visitors to play the slot machines in key areas on the floor. To learn more, read up on how to go about finding loose slots and avoiding tight slots. 
Secret #5 - It really doesn't matter how long you play : It is very common for slots players to think that the longer you play, the better your chance is at winning. The truth is, however, that someone who's been playing for 2 minutes is just as likely to hit the jackpot as is someone that's been playing for 2 hours. Kind of disheartening, I know, but that's reality. 
Secret #6 - Maximum coins = Jackpot : Playing the minimum coins is sure to extend your play but don't expect to hit the big jackpot anytime soon. The truth about slot machines is that betting the maximum coins is the only way to win the jackpot prize. Now, this may not be the intent with which you came to the casino, and that's fine. In that case you can have a good, old time popping in one coin at a time. Whatever you do, make sure to have fun but I just though I'd let you know.

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